What is the password?

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How can I open RAR archives?

You open and unpack RAR archives with WinRAR. WinRAR can be found here.
If WinRAR is installed you can double-click the RAR archive to unpack the containing datas. WinRAR is a free program and does not need any license.

How to Solve CRC Error in WinRAR?

WinRAR is one of the most convenient applications to compress and decompress large files on Windows computers. Nowadays, more and more people make use of WinRAR application to compress their important files into RAR format in order to save memory space. Adding to this, data transfer via internet is possible with the help of WinRAR files. Nonetheless, RAR files created by WinRAR format can easily go corrupt after download or upload process and one common error you often hear and receive while extracting contents of a WinRAR file is CRC.

Cyclic Redundancy Check simply known as CRC is an error detection algorithm which helps WinRAR application to determine whether the data sent and received are the same. If the Cyclic Redundancy Check matches then extraction is easily possible. However if it doesn’t match then you receive CRC error. Usually this error occurs as a result of incomplete or improper transmission of RAR file. At this point of time most of the users get upset. If you are one of them, than no need to there are several ways to solve CRC error, here’s how you can solve CRC error using WinRAR software:

  1. Right click on your severely corrupt WinRAR file, click on “Extract files”
  2. Tick on the check box “Keep Broken Files” under Miscellaneous tab
  3. Browse for the folder where you want to save the extracted files and click “Ok” button
  4. During the extraction if any CRC error pops up, Simply click on “Close”

If the extraction process is successful, you’ll be able to easily use those decompressed files. But if this method fails in accessing the contents of your WinRAR archive, then you probably use powerful RAR repair software to regain access to your WinRAR file.


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